The cheapest Netbooks in India: A comparison

Some people dismiss the importance of a Netbook but I think there is a lot of scope for it with respect to price and lack of computer penetration in certain markets. Dell had joined the notebook brigade for cornering the student market and Nokia came up with a netbook except they prefer to call it 3G Booklet.

The two netbooks from India, I really liked in terms of price and decent configuration were Wipro’s Ego Netbook and iBall Lil Netbook. Both are 10’inch screen netbooks which are the cheapest I have come across upto now.

Here is a table of comparison of both the products. The main criteria being they are one of the cheapest Netbooks around in India.

iBall Lilbook 1017 10 Inch Netbook
Wipro’s Ego 10 Inch Netbook
Processor Intel Atom (1.60GHz, 533MHz, 512KB) Intel Atom Processor 1.6 GHz
OS Windows XP, Vista & 7 (32 bit) Windows XP Home
Web Cam 1.3MP web camera 1.3 MP web camera
Screen 10.1 Inch WSVGA 1024 x 600 LCD screen 10.1 Inch TFT screen
HDD 160 GB 160 GB
Weight 1.3 1.3 kg
Misc 3 in 1 card reader 8 in 1 card reader with 3 usb ports
Price* INR 14,559 (approx 320 USD) INR 19,990 (440 USD)
  • Prices are taken on 10th March 2010

I think the cheapest tag can easily go to iBall Lilbook 10 inch Netbook which is almost Rs 5000/- less than the price of Wipro’s Ego 10 inch netbook. But Ego does have 3 USB ports and also an 8 in 1 card reader compared to just a 3-1 card reader with the iBall product.

If you know more details or have an opinion on Netbooks and their significance or future in India? Do drop in your comments.

Link: iBall Netbook | Wipro Ego Netbook


Windows 7 on a thumb drive for Netbook owners?

image It can be quite a challenge to upgrade machines that don’t come with a CD or DVD drive. Trying to deal with such tricky situations, Microsoft has been thinking of convenient ways to offer Windows 7, one of them being on a thumb drive so that Netbook owners could easily upgrade their machines.

The thumb drive option, however, is still under consideration.

In the past, Windows Vista never worked well on netbooks and Microsoft was forced to sell Windows XP as its answer to the low-cost notebook phenomenon.



The other option is to sell a downloadable version of Windows7 which will allow users to put the OS on their own thumb drive.

Not as simple as it sounds

Most Netbooks run on Windows XP. If the user has to make a switch from Windows XP, then before he could upgrade, he will have to:

  • Back up all data
  • Do a clean installation of the operating system
  • Then reload the applications.

The same applies for all XP owners and those looking to move from a higher-end version of Vista to a lower-end version of Windows 7.

Microsoft recently also officially announced the initial pricing for Windows 7, saying that the prices for the Windows 7 operating system are more or less in line with those for Vista.

Let’s wait and see what comes along in the time to come.

(Source: CNET)


Dell laptops go girlie with Della


Dell recently announced the launch of their new sub-site – Della that markets Dell’s pre-built PCs and laptops explicitly to women. I have to admit, the designs are very stylish, and from a mobility point of view, light and easy to carry. Dell’s Della range seems to be focusing on simplicity of use and multi-functionality.

Della puts a lot of focus on attractive products, at the same time offering techie tips, and a separate section featuring special artists for customized products. The campaigns main aim has been to make women more comfortable with technology. Ironically, some women have been offended by the “gesture” as it is being felt that a segregated site like this that’s trying to educate women about something that they already know, may not be the right approach by Dell.


If you ask me… I simply loved the idea of something like this.

It’s got all that I’d want for my laptop – from beautiful laptop colors and patterns to stylish accessories. Light, compact, customizable and colorful, I couldn’t ask for more. The products available on Della also include the Inspiron Mini 10 netbook. It can be customized with exclusive artist designs.

Check it out for yourself. You are either going to love it or hate it – again for obvious reasons!

Link: Della


Google Android Based Netbook Launched In China

google androidIf there were Oscars for the biggest tech buzz of the year, then Netbooks would have already won it for 2009. Sooner than anticipated by market watchers world over, Google Android on a Netbook, is now available.

Today morning, I posted about the recent Netbook market trends and how ASUS is developing a netbook based on Google’s Android platform. But leaving ASUS and others behind in the race, it’s a Chinese manufacturer – Skytone that has won the race.


Based on ARM-II 533MHz CPU, Skytone’s Alpha 680 netbook fancies a 7-inch flip-around display and is available in a variety of colors including Pink, Yellow and Red.


With only 1 GB of built-in solid-state memory, the built-in SD/MMC card slot shall come in handy.

To know the complete list of features/specifications, visit this page on Skytone

Zoom In:

google android netbook

I wonder how Yahoo got the view print in this official image release by Skytone.

Not to forget, the Skytone Alpha 680 Android netbook is expected to be priced in the range of $100 to $200. Let’s wait and see if the machine gets its way to India from China, before it could reach the US! I wish it does 😛

Link: Skytone

(Image Credits: Skytone)

(Source: Computerworld)


Microsoft XP in less than $15

clip_image002Well, well, don’t jump over! While the news is still reported to be a leak, it also has some ifs and buts!

The exact news (leak) is that Microsoft has dropped the price of Windows XP for Netbooks to under $15 per license, which is almost one third of the price of a Windows Vista license that Microsoft typically charges the manufacturers of normal laptop makers when they bundle it with their products.

What is Netbook?

As you may already know, Netbooks are the small portable laptops, designed mostly for accessing only the Internet and remote web-based applications. If you wish to read more about Netbooks, then I will suggest you to visit this page on our all time favorite resource center wikipedia, but only after you read this post completely.


Some Trends

  • Netbooks worldwide are picking up fast from mere 1% market share of the total laptop market in July to an alarming 19% month-on-month market share of laptops in December 2008. [Source: Pricegrabber report]
  • According to an estimate, almost thirty times more netbooks were sold in 2008 than in 2007 (400,000). [Source: eetimes]
  • For 2009, it is estimated that netbook sales will grow 189% to 21.5 million. [Source: eetimes]

All in all, netbook market seems to be the next big fish in this era of economic slowdown, no wonder all the biggies are pulling up their socks to get the big pie.

Here is a quick summary of what is happening in the market:

  • ASUS has allocated engineers to develop netbook based on Google’s Android platform.[Source: Bloomberg]
  • Microsoft attributed its significant declines in Windows revenues last year largely to strong sales of netbooks that undercut its normally much more profitable business. [Source: electronista]
  • Microsoft has already confirmed that it will be providing a version of Windows 7 specifically designed for netbooks. [Source: CNET UK]
  • Dell and HP, the two biggest PC makers, both released a “Mini” series (the Inspiron Mini and HP Mini) in the netbooks market last year.
  • 70% of the total Netbook sales have been in Europe. [Source: UMPC]

So what do we expect?

  • A price war at a B2B level will definitely be transferred down to the consumer level. So expect a further slash in the netbooks prices in the US and Europe.
  • With 3G services being launched in India, the netbooks sales are poised to pick up fast in the Indian market too.

What is in it for me?

Well I would like to see Microsoft extending its price cut policy to off-the-shelf windows licenses for notebooks and PCs in the Indian market. Does anyone have the exact figures of the pirated OS market in India? I am sure no one would like to go for a pirated Windows if they could get a genuine one for Rs. 500. Microsoft could sure earn heavy bucks if they get into a price cut and volume sales game in India.

Anyone from Microsoft board room reading this??? 🙂

(Source: Electronista)

(Image Credit: Digital Tech News)