Dell laptops go girlie with Della


Dell recently announced the launch of their new sub-site – Della that markets Dell’s pre-built PCs and laptops explicitly to women. I have to admit, the designs are very stylish, and from a mobility point of view, light and easy to carry. Dell’s Della range seems to be focusing on simplicity of use and multi-functionality.

Della puts a lot of focus on attractive products, at the same time offering techie tips, and a separate section featuring special artists for customized products. The campaigns main aim has been to make women more comfortable with technology. Ironically, some women have been offended by the “gesture” as it is being felt that a segregated site like this that’s trying to educate women about something that they already know, may not be the right approach by Dell.


If you ask me… I simply loved the idea of something like this.

It’s got all that I’d want for my laptop – from beautiful laptop colors and patterns to stylish accessories. Light, compact, customizable and colorful, I couldn’t ask for more. The products available on Della also include the Inspiron Mini 10 netbook. It can be customized with exclusive artist designs.

Check it out for yourself. You are either going to love it or hate it – again for obvious reasons!

Link: Della

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