[Online Tool] Check if Your LinkedIn Password was Leaked!

LinkedIn had a security breach yesterday which led to more than 6 million passwords being leaked. LinkedIn’s response to be honest was initially quite slow and guarded. At such times usually it is better for a company to over-communicate rather than stay quite. Finally they have confirmed that about 6.5 million passwords were leaked from their […]

[Online Tool] When is the next Apple Keynote?

Apple’s keynote addresses are looked forward by millions of people. Because of Steve Jobs legendary presentation skills, the keynote addresses became even more popular. Tim Cook, the current Apple CEO does not have the same charm but the keynotes have become events when Apple almost always launches a new product or service. I like visiting […]

Send Your Friends Colourful Text Greetings with Online Tool

The festival of Holi is celebrated across India today and it is often known as the festival of colours. Sending emails with every character in random colours is quite popular. But editing every charachter to give it a creative random effect can be a little tedious and take a lot of time just to write a small […]

Online Tool To Check and Improve How Google Displays Your Search Results

Google displays rich snippets to display links from your website or blog on their search results. What is shown in these search results actually ends up deciding if someone will click on that link. This is why entering  proper meta title and meta description is a good idea. Google has a nice online tool that […]