[Online Tool] When is the next Apple Keynote?

Apple’s keynote addresses are looked forward by millions of people. Because of Steve Jobs legendary presentation skills, the keynote addresses became even more popular. Tim Cook, the current Apple CEO does not have the same charm but the keynotes have become events when Apple almost always launches a new product or service.

I like visiting WhenIsKeynote.com which tracks when the next keynote address by Apple will take place

For instance the new keynote address will be at the WWDC 2012. It is rumored to be on 11th June, 2012. Once the events are confirmed you can set a reminder to your personal calendar.

It also will show you websites that cover the events with live text feeds and photos.

What are Apple keynote addresses?

Apple usually has two events every year when it often announced new products and services. Steve Jobs keynote addresses became legendary when he presented products like iPods, iPhone and iPad at developer conferences. As Apple has limited number of products, these events become highly anticipated and rumors start being circulated on the expected new Apple product.

If you like to know when the new Apple keynotes are going to take place, try out wheniskeynote.com. Do drop in your comments.

Link: When is Next keynote


Rakshit April 26, 2012

Nice find Aditya.

Aditya Kane April 27, 2012

Thanks @Rakshit.