Rumour: Expect Android 5.0 “Jellybeans” for Notebooks and Tablets!

Last year Google in its IO Developer conference announced Chromebooks. A Chromebook is a netbook running on Chrome OS. The idea of having a browser as an OS, with all data stored online has not really been adopted all that well. It seems Google might have woken up to that reality and is planning to roll out […]

Boot to Gecko: Mozilla’s New Operating System!

Mozilla has plans to build a new open sourced OS for the open-web. This OS project has been named Boot to Gecko. The operating system will be yet another new platform in the already over crowded mobile platform market. Boot to Gecko will be obviously looked upon as a competitor to Android as both will […]

ReactOS: Free, Opensource alternative to Windows! A Preview.

This is a guest post by Tushar, if you like to write for Devils’ Workshop, do read Devils’ Workshop revenue sharing program. We all know about free Linux based operating systems, free open-source office and graphics softwares, and so on! Open-source softwares are future of computing software! No doubt!  But open-source does not only mean […]

Google Chromium OS: Does it have a purpose?

Google has finally released Chromium OS as a open source project. The news about Google’s Chrome OS has been received by people with anticipation which is expected but views on the OS are different in many ways. Some experts think Chrome OS will drive Google to go the Microsoft way. Others think it will not last and the […]