Windows 8 Shows-off Super Fast Boot Up

How much time does it take for your computer to boot up? Mine usually takes half a minute. I usually boot up my laptop twice a day on an average. That means I sit idle waiting for my computer to boot up for about 6 hours every year. That is why, recently a lot of stress is being put on faster boot up times.

The new Windows 8 OS from Windows is no exception, and recently demonstrated how the Windows 8 will load up faster than ever.

Here is a video of the new how fast Windows 8 starts up.

Why Windows 8 will have faster boot-up times?

  • The key to a faster boot up lies in how the system shuts down. Windows 7, closes user profiles and then in kernel session it closes devices and services.
  • With Windows 8, the profiles will be closed but instead of closing down services it will put them in hibernate mode.
  • That means, certain services and their date will be stored on a local file “hiberfil.sys”. Thanks to this method, Windows 8 will have 30% to 70% faster boot up times.
  • With Windows 8, there will be an option to carry out cold-boot which means shutting down everything like Windows 7 does. This will be needed from time to time when adding new hardware.

It looks like Windows 8 will be a neat OS, but only when the first beta is available we will truly know. What are your views on Windows 8?

Do drop in your comments.

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Rakesh Kumar September 9, 2011

It seems that Windows 8 is better than previous 7 but it requires lot of configuration. So i am thinking to install its transformation pack on my PC.

Aditya Kane September 9, 2011

There are a couple of improvements which are being made taking into account hardware that will be common in 2-3 years time. Hence there is a good chance that Windows 8 will not run at its best if used with older hardware.