mHotspot – Simple Software to Turn Your Laptop into a Wifi Hotspot

The number of gadgets we connect to the internet are growing. Now with tablets and almost everyone having their own laptop and smartphones a typical family can even have five or six devices connecting to your Wifi router. Sometimes there are more devices to be connected, than a router can handle and the best option […]

YourPC’sFontViewer: View Your PC’s Fonts Quickly

YourPC’sFontViewer is an online service which tells you about all the fonts installed on your computer. You don’t need to do tweak any settings or click any button to know about the fonts. Just open the website and it automatically analyzes all the fonts and displays them on the homepage. You can change text, color, […]

Monitor energy consumed for computers using Joulemeter

Joulemeter is a new application from Microsoft to monitor the consumption of power in computers. This application was released by Microsoft on 19 May 2010 and is currently in alpha-test state. About Joulemeter Joulemeter is designed to track the power and total energy consumption of running computers. This light-weight application will always reside in your […]