PHP5.4, Imagemagick & Pecl Installation [Ubuntu]

After upgrading to PHP 5.4.x, by using source compilation method, I realised our PHP was missing imagemagick extension. ImageMagick is replacement for php’s default GD library which WordPress uses for creating thumbnails on the fly. Using ImageMagick WordPress plugin, you can tell WordPress to use ImageMagick rather than PHP’s default GD library. But for this to […]

Syntax Highlighter Compress – Best Syntax Highlighter WordPress Plugin

When I write post and highlight HTML/CSS or PHP or any other languages, I have to replace tags ‘<' with '<' . It consumes a lot of time to convert. An easy way to implement source code or programming language is to implement a WordPress plugin. WordPress plugin Syntax Highlighter Compress has support for many…

Web-Developer Server suite: All-in-one web server

The App we are discussing today is the Web-Developer Server suite and the suite- its aptly named! Trust me when I tell you, configuring this web server is 100 times easier than configuring Apache to run your php and MySql files. On downloading this suite, various components such as Joomla, drupal, mediawiki, phpbb2 and wordpress […]

Create your own themes without having HTML and CSS knowledge

Are you a blogger and interested in making your own professional looking themes for your blogs ? but don’t have a technological knowledge about creating theme ? it’s ok, now it is possible to create your own theme without know anything about css and html knowledge. This can be made possible with the Artisteer software […]

Parsing INI Files Using PHP

Many times during development involving php, one would want to store some variables as settings. The most common way developers do this is by defining those variables at the beginning of the script. For example, while writing a contact form script, I would like to define a few handy variables first, including admin email, contact log file name/path and etc… The most common way to do this would be to write something similar in your php script.

#6: PHP Tutorials for Beginners – Logical Expressions

As we have already learnt about data types, we will now study about logical expressions and also about switch. Logical expressions are basically if else statements. You might have given orders to somebody like if jam is available then apply that on bread else if butter is available, then apply that else don’t apply anything. […]

#5: PHP Tutorials for Beginners – Data Types (Continued)

In the previous post, we talked about some data types – variables, strings, string functions and numbers. In this post we will talk about more data types which are floats, arrays, array functions, booleans and constants. We will also talk about type casting. So, without wasting time, let us start! Floating Point Numbers As we […]

#4: PHP Tutorials for Beginners – Data Types

As we have already learnt about using XAMPP and other tools, PHP open and close tags, phpinfo function, printing text on screen, adding comments in PHP files and some conversation on what does the server do, it’s now time for learning the various types of data. In this post, we will talk about variables, strings […]

#3: PHP Tutorials For Beginners – Writing The Code

Welcome Back! Today we will start with the basics on – “Writing the Code”. We will talk about how the PHP code is written, simple basic code like echoing Hello World, adding comments in the PHP file etc. We will also talk about the official site of PHP and how it can help you discover […]