Web-Developer Server suite: All-in-one web server

The App we are discussing today is the Web-Developer Server suite and the suite- its aptly named! Trust me when I tell you, configuring this web server is 100 times easier than configuring Apache to run your php and MySql files.

On downloading this suite, various components such as Joomla, drupal, mediawiki, phpbb2 and wordpress are installed with the web server capable of running all of this! So you can forget manually downloading everything and configuring, as the interface provided in the above mentioned app is one of the easiest I have ever used!


So for all you geeks who have just begun to program on the above mentioned platforms, after installing this software

  • You just have to click on the icon on your desktop and the above window will open.
  • In order to be able to run your pages, you only need to start the relevant services, instead of opening windows services!
  • Once your services are running, log onto your browser and type in “http://localhost” to see if the server is running.
  • If your machine as IIS installed, you need to stop the IIS service before you start the Apache service as both of them use the same port.

As far as the performance is concerned, its a well developed application and easily one of the best out there! So check this app out, make your life & code easier!

Click here to download the Web-Developer Server suite app and do write in your comments and questions!


nicky March 28, 2010

wampserce ,xamp are also there

Tushar Tajane April 15, 2010

Wow, sounds really nice! Going to try this asap! 🙂

rajasekar August 12, 2010

Hey its really nice ,, and thanks for sharing

Hey wats password for Phpmyadmin and \
how can i access MYsql using Web-Developer Server suite