Results of Hostgator Webhosting DW giveaway contest

Today is the 15th of January and the Hostgator Webhosting DW giveaway contest is closed and results are out. First of all let me thank all the participators for taking part in this contest. Also a special thanks to Harsh Agarwal who sponsored this special giveaway on DW.

[Result] Blogger$ of the Month – November 2009

It is time to announce the results of “Blogger$ of the Month” contest for the month of November 2009.

There were a total of 45 posts written by our guest authors in the month of November. This time we had three winners as per the rules last month.

Sauravjit was ranked 1st with 46.90 points from a total of 17 posts winning $75.
Rishabh Agarwal was ranked 2nd with 40.40 points from 13 posts winning $50.
Rajeelkp was ranked 3rd with 18.90 points from 6 posts winning $25

[Result] Blogger of The Month – August 2009

This is last week of September and we are late like never before to announce “Blogger of The Month” for last month i.e. August 2008. Below is table representing breakdown of 41 posts published in August 2009. Sauravjit emerges as clear winner for “Blogger of The Month” – August 2009. Author No. of Posts Total […]

Result for Virgin-IHL Contest on DW and more…

Dear DW readers, first thank you all for giving amazing response to Virgin-IHL contest held on DW. We received 24 valid entries for contest till 1PM yesterday. After that we closed comments but some readers sent their entries via email which will not be counted. You can see all valid entries here. About our judge… […]