Winners of WinX Dvd Ripper License contest

The WinX DVD Ripper contest was announced on 4th of May, 2010 and the time has come to announce the winners of the licence code worth $39.95.

I knew from the beginning as we had over 20 license codes to give out to our readers there was a good chance that the chances of winning the code will be high. The conditions of taking part in the contest were simple, all one had to do was ReTweet, before a fan of the DW Facebook Page and comment on the post.

We have overall 16 entries and as we have 20 codes to give out, I can say that everyone who took part in the contest is a Winner!

And the Winners are:

  1. Shivendu Madhava
  2. Anshul Dixit
  3. Tushar
  4. Sauravjit
  5. Abhishek
  6. vhick
  7. Ankit Bansal
  8. Tman
  9. jay
  10. Tamara
  11. Saeed Shahab
  12. Jaryre
  13. megha
  14. hboy
  15. Kashish
  16. M. Lawyer

The winners will be sent an email to confirm that it is their working and current email address and I will be sending the license code to the winners separately.

Congratulations to all the Winners again! If you missed out this time around, do keep reading Devils’ Workshop for more such giveaways in the future.

One Comment

vhick May 27, 2010

Thank you for winning WinX!