India Site Clinic 2012 – Register Your Site and Get Free Advice From Google!

Whenever someone starts blogging there comes a time when they come across the term ‘SEO’. Search engine optimization best practices actually end up changing with every site. It all really boils down to the nature of the website and also the type of content on it. If you are a blogger, I am sure you […]

[SEO] How Important is Keyword Density for Bloggers?

Since the day I started blogging, I have always been hearing two words that made very little sense from a creative perspective. These words were “Keyword Density”. I never cared for ‘keyword density’ and have always held the view that content should be enjoyable to read rather than easier to be crawled by a search […]

Google Demotes Official Chrome Landing Page in Search Results

Google has managed to shoot itself in the foot thanks to someone in the company thinking that it was a great idea to have paid posts for Chrome. Google has aggressively promoted its browser Chrome, across television, print and internet media. A recent look at the search query “this post is sponsored by Google Chrome” […]