[SEO] How Important is Keyword Density for Bloggers?

Since the day I started blogging, I have always been hearing two words that made very little sense from a creative perspective. These words were “Keyword Density”. I never cared for ‘keyword density’ and have always held the view that content should be enjoyable to read rather than easier to be crawled by a search bot.

But then ranking a blog post higher based on keyword density rather than good content seemed rather unfair of Google. Apparently keyword density is something bloggers should not get too overtly concerned about.

Here is what Matt Cutts who leads Google web spam team at Google has to say about ‘Keyword Density’

Focusing on that level of detail is not as helpful  as compared to reading it aloud, seeing if it makes sense…

Search Engine Optimization is Not Evil!

I am not a SEO expert and have never obsessed about optimizing my posts for search engines. That said, I am not suggesting Search Engine Optimization is evil. It is a legitimate way of learning how to best make your blog visible to Google and other search engines. I think that a blogger should ideally not be obsessed with SEO at the cost of writing good content.

I usually use these 5 steps to write a post which usually takes care of a lot of best practices suggested by most SEO experts.

What are your views on the obsession with SEO and keyword density? Is it killing the creativity of bloggers?

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Mohul April 19, 2012

grossly overated! the so called ‘rules’ regarding keyword density origins from those SEO professionals, who rely on robotic system of SEO.. they follow a fix and cemented rules of SEO prophecy, and well, never deviate from that path.. content for them is just a filler for keywords.. such mindset is almost history now.. and with the new Google algo rules, semantic keywords and stuff are holding center-stage.. which means less reliance on keywords.. as far as me, concern for keywords should only be shown in metas (title, desc) and in headline (if possible).. rest.. forget abt SEO and just write!

Tushar April 19, 2012

Thanks for bringing back this topic. Now, I have 2 strong votes about Keyword Density. Got it. Cheers 🙂

Tushar April 19, 2012

Now since we’re on SEO related article. I want to know why DW’s top navigation menu is now removed?
Is it also a part of SEO ? Because – to me – easier navigation for the site is now gone.

Would like to know, why? #justasking

Aditya Kane April 19, 2012

We are trying to do away with too much above the fold information for readability’s sake. Maybe we might introduce it sometime in the future. Thanks for your feedback.

Srivathsan G.K April 22, 2012

Selecting the correct keyword is must before writing. I agree that we should write the content for the readers and not for the crawl bots, but at the beginning, only with good keywords (not over stuffing) we can target the readers. Once the readership is high, we do not need to care about keyword density.

JD April 23, 2012

Since there are no defined rules to keyword densities and even the ones existing become obsolete with new Pandas of the google world…i guess we will require to focus more on how things impact the overall structure of the site…