Google+ Scores Over Facebook in Link Caching

A few days ago, Aditya covered 5 advantages Google+ has over Facebook. Last week during the unfortunate serial bomb blasts in Mumbai, Pratik Parekh pointed out to another advantage Google+ has over Facebook. This advantage is in link-sharing feature present on both sites. If you followed social-media after Mumbai Blast closely, then you might have come […]

Google Buzz introduces Reshare feature

Google Buzz has introduced a ‘Reshare’ feature which will allow Buzz users to share the original post and also give the person sharing it first credit for it. In it’s blog Google announced that Buzz Reshare feature will soon will be available for Buzz users. About Buzz Reshare As mentioned before that the Buzz Reshare […]

How To Show Ad Based on Author in a BlogSpot Blog

Over here at Devil’s Workshop, Rahul bro has implemented a cool revenue sharing program, wherein the advertisement that appears on the post belongs to the author itself. For eg. in this post the ad that is displayed below the post title is my ad. Any revenue generated by clicks on the above ad, is paid to my adsense account. But the thing is that with plugins like Advertising Manager, this method is easy to implement in Wordpress.On blogger its a little more extra code. See how you can implement it in Google’s BlogSpot

Can Gmail Labs New Import/Export Filters Feature Kill Spammers?

A new feature is introduced in Gmail Labs recently, which allow us to import/export filters created in Gmail. If used smartly we can create set of Gmail filters which can fight against spam mails like invitation form social networks, chain mails forwarded from your friends, etc.