Google Shutdowns Aardvark, Desktop, Google Pack and More in Major Clean Up!

Late June, Google introduced the world to their new social network namely Google Plus. With the new social network the demands are high on Google and its resources as they have started closing down services and products which were not very popular. Back in April they decided on shutting down Google Videos, then dropped support […]

How to Force Shutdown or Restart with commands

Your Windows Operating System does come with different ways to turn it off or restart. Whether you shutdown, restart or log off, the file that is responsible for this is shutdown.exe in the system32 directory of your Windows installation. We will now learn to play with shutdown.exe giving it different parameters 😉 To do this, […]

An easy way to Power-on and Shutdown your computer automatically

Have you guys ever heard that you can control your entire system using a software? A software – “Auto Power-on & Shut-down” helps you in automatically handling your computer, i.e., you can automatically shut down, restart, hibernate your computer at your desired time without even having to go in your computer room. Isn’t it fascinating? […]