An easy way to Power-on and Shutdown your computer automatically

Have you guys ever heard that you can control your entire system using a software?

A software – “Auto Power-on & Shut-down” helps you in automatically handling your computer, i.e., you can automatically shut down, restart, hibernate your computer at your desired time without even having to go in your computer room. Isn’t it fascinating?

auto power on shut down

How will this software help me?

Now say for example, you have free downloading plan from 2-8 in the night, and it is not possible for you to get up at 2am each day and set a downloading queue. Rather, it is too boring to get up so late just for a download. At such times, this software helps you to download your stuff without even getting up at 2am.


This software has following functionality:

  1. Automatic computer start
  2. Automatic start of a downloading queue. includes :- internet download manager, utorrent.
  3. Automatic hibernation.
  4. Automatic shut down.
  5. Automatic play of a music file.
  6. Automatic start of a particular software

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Link: lifsoft

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One Comment

venkat June 5, 2009

We can schedule computer to shutdown at specific time through scheduled tasks in windows.