Secure Google Search: Now use Https While Searching

Facebook is always in news because of user privacy and another concern which keeps users in dilemma is security. We use lots of anti-viruses, Spywares and tips and tricks to keep ourselves secure. But the shortest way to keep secure is by using encrypted connecting like using https connection. This is one of the reason […]

Bluetooth v4 to hit market by end of 2010.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has finalized the Bluetooth 4.0 specs. It is expected to reach manufacturers by the end of August 2010, with hardware expected to reach the market in late 2010 or early 2011. This newer version is based on low energy module and hence, it can be built into products such as […]

Google Buzz giving Better Control for Email Notification

Google buzz is in news from some time now and slowly but its getting hype among internet users. Integrating Google buzz into Gmail is the best thing Buzz developer did, but this also created problem for lots of email notification. Google buzz announced that they will be rolling out updates soon, in which you can […]

Top 5 How-To Sites That You Must Bookmark

How-To Websites, these are the websites that are making you job quite easier. After the evolution of these Web services, our work became easier by just simply sitting in-front of our computer and simply search for what we want to know without any hesitation, rather than roaming to others for asking about it. They were […]

Youtube Introduced Safety mode

Youtube has one of the largest video collection and many of the videos have graphic violence, war footage or footage which you don’t wany your family or kids to see. To ensure your family safety, Youtube introduced a new feature call safety mode.

This new safety mode from youtube will make sure that videos which contains any such graphics which you don’t want your kids and family to see, will not be shown.