Google Buzz giving Better Control for Email Notification

Google buzz is in news from some time now and slowly but its getting hype among internet users. Integrating Googlegoogle buzz buzz into Gmail is the best thing Buzz developer did, but this also created problem for lots of email notification. Google buzz announced that they will be rolling out updates soon, in which you can control your email notification for buzz.

For now, when ever any one comment on your post created on Buzz, you receive an email notification, and by any chance if you buzz a lot, your email is full of notification.

When Buzz team will roll out these new updates, you can control following things from settings:

  • Comments on your posts
  • Comments on posts after you comment on them
  • Comments on posts after you are @replied on them

Another interesting feature they going to add is mute button similar to Google wave and you will stop receiving notification for comments made on that buzz.

Do let us know how’s your experience with Google buzz so far?. Meanwhile you can follow me on Google buzz here.

One Comment

Agent Deepak March 14, 2010

I think you can already mute conversation. Are they just adding a button?