How to Force Shutdown or Restart with commands

Your Windows Operating System does come with different ways to turn it off or restart. Whether you shutdown, restart or log off, the file that is responsible for this is shutdown.exe in the system32 directory of your Windows installation. We will now learn to play with shutdown.exe giving it different parameters 😉 To do this, […]

Become World’s Greatest Business Mind within Seconds! [Funny]

This post is a funny trick which you can use to flatter you friends, hence, you may skip reading this post if you are looking for some tech stuff here. Recently, one of my friend invited me to view a video. I was wondering what exactly it was, when I opened the link provided by […]

Compose Gmails in the Fastest & Easiest Way using GCompose!

Being a Gmail fan, I always keep googling about various new tips and tricks to increase productivity of my E-mail sending and receiving experience. This time I chanced upon a LifeHacker article which not only reduces clutters and loading time of your Gmail inbox but also saves a lot of time. 🙂 If you are […]

Check whether someone is Offline, Invisible or Blocked you on Gtalk!

Gtalk is one among the most loved instant messaging service provided by Google which was recently being integrated with Orkut. Every day, the number of Gtalk users multiply. With Gtalk getting popular day by day, there is a need for some tricks and tweaks to get the most out of the service you are making […]