Compose Gmails in the Fastest & Easiest Way using GCompose!

gmail-logo1 Being a Gmail fan, I always keep googling about various new tips and tricks to increase productivity of my E-mail sending and receiving experience. This time I chanced upon a LifeHacker article which not only reduces clutters and loading time of your Gmail inbox but also saves a lot of time. 🙂

If you are addicted to sending a lot of mails everyday, just have a look on this tweak that loads ‘mail compose window’ within seconds without chat window or any other installed gadgets’ window and also takes care of auto-complete while filling e-mail address in ‘To’ ‘CC’ ‘BCC’ field. To get the concept clearly, you may have a look on the video underneath. Detailed procedure on using this tweak is mentioned here.

Link: Fastest Way to Send Gmails – Gcompose Bookmarklet

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Raju February 1, 2009

this is damn cool! will be really useful! thanks!!