How to reset your BlackBerry ID password [Direct Link]

Are you trying to login to your BlackBerry ID from your smartphone and getting a wrong username/password error again and again? Then it’s always a good idea to reset you password after 2 or 3 unsuccessful attempts or else your ID will be blocked. We will tell you how you can reset your Blackberry ID password in just […]

Using grep to removing comments, newlines/whitespace from config files

As configuration files are often full with comments and blank lines reading them inside shell become tedious! Sometimes you just want to quickly recap active configuration option only. Mostly, comments starts with “#”(hash) or “;” (semicolon). Below is a command I often use while debugging various configuration files. For files having comment starting with “;” e.g. php.ini […]

Change WordPress Permalink Structure With IIS 6 Server

WordPress Permalink structure is important with respect to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I observed that most of the WordPress blogs have a Permalink Structure which looks like /index.php/%postname%/. This post will help you to change your permalink structure using the Microsoft IIS 6 server. Create a “php” file, say ‘404_wp.php’, paste the below code and […]

Repair and optimize WordPress database

It is always good practice to optimize your blog’s database to improve blog’s performance. Many are not aware about WordPress’s built-in database repair and optimize functionality, as it is not available in admin back-end.
You can check this by visiting (replace with your actual blog/site url ).
Here is a step by step guide one how to go about repair and optimizing WordPress database.

[Solved] Homepage Redirecting to The Latest Page Issue

There is an issue with Redirection plugin for wordpress. Redirection plugin is used to create redirect rules without any technical knowledge. About the issue… Whenever you create a latest page inside wordpress, all visitors to your homepage get redirected to the newly created page. This used to happen before also, but seems like the issue has […]

Details about Orkut’s javasript:void(0), temporarily block and other errors

I get a lot of questions asking about javasript:void(0), temporarily block and few related error on Orkut. Even though these error are old now, some users still gets confused. There is no quick solution to this. But you might be interesting in knowing reasons and workaround for it. Possible reasons: Sending large number of scraps […]