Details about Orkut’s javasript:void(0), temporarily block and other errors

I get a lot of questions asking about javasript:void(0), temporarily block and few related error on Orkut. Even though these error are old now, some users still gets confused. There is no quick solution to this. But you might be interesting in knowing reasons and workaround for it.

Possible reasons:

  1. Sending large number of scraps in short duration using some scrapbook flooder
  2. Deleting many scraps, pending friend requests, messages etc using scripts
  3. Use of automated login sites like
  4. Using ‘Scrap All’ script

In short, you might have knowingly or unknowingly used some third-party service, tool, script which increased load on Orkut’s server. So basically to balance load on their server, your account gets temporarily blocked.

While in blocked state, you may see any of the following error messages…

  1. javasript:void(0);
  2. You are temporarily unable to perform this action. Try again later.
  3. We’re sorry…but your query looks similar to automated requests
  4. Page not found.


As we said earlier, there is no quick solution for this. Once you get “banned”, you will be disallowed from performing many actions for 8-10 hours.

Best way to avoid such banning, is NOT to use third party automation scripts at all. If you can not avoid them, then try to minimize your usage.

It may happen that you haven’t used any script knowingly. In that case, please

  1. Change password for your Orkut account
  2. If you still get banned and if you use same PC to access Orkut, scan it for malwares, viruses, etc.

There is nothing to worry about such bans. Normally, your account can survive from multiple bans.

But do not abuse Orkut’s service too much or you may risk loosing your Orkut account permanently.

Useful Orkut Help Pages

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