Ubuntu Server + CrashPlan + Backup + Remote Management using Mac

We already use rsanpshot for backups. But its always feel safe to have more than one kind of backup. For other type of backup, we use Crashplan. They support all major platforms, provides many options and have their service decently priced. It will take a separate post to list down all things I like about Crashplan so […]

How to Login as a root user in Ubuntu 10.04

The following steps are very simple and especially for newbies who are completely new to Linux. 🙂 By logging in as root user, you are making your operating system more vulnerable. Root user has all the administrator privileges so whenever you need to edit system files or configuration from within Gnome, you will feel the need to login […]

How to configure Microphone in Ubuntu 10.04 and Skype

Lately I have formatted my PC and revamped with the latest Ubuntu 10.04 and it took some time anda effort to make sure my Microphone was working in Ubuntu. Here’s how I did it, based on referring several sources and forums on the internet. Almost all users must have had problems in setting up microphone […]

Order Free Ubuntu Desktop Edition 10.04 Lucid Lynx CD

Ubuntu shipit is back with the new version of Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx,this time with more new features. Visit ubuntu shipit and place an order for  latest version CD, shipping might take more then 1 or 2 months so if you have decent fast Internet Connection  you can either download the Ubuntu Desktop Edition Online […]

Ubuntu opportunistic Developer Week

For all the Geeks out there who swear by open source technology , you have a friend in Ubuntu ! Yep , thats right ! Ubuntu , famous for being the most user friendly Linux based operating system , is compiling their second round of developer week ! The Ubuntu Opportunistic developer conference has been slated to be held from 1st-6th March 2010 , the details for which can be found on Ubuntu`s Home page .