How to configure Microphone in Ubuntu 10.04 and Skype

Lately I have formatted my PC and revamped with the latest Ubuntu 10.04 and it took some time anda effort to make sure my Microphone was working in Ubuntu. Here’s how I did it, based on referring several sources and forums on the internet.

Almost all users must have had problems in setting up microphone initially after successful installation of Linux hence in this article, lets see how to configure microphone in Linux (Ubuntu flavour).

Getting Microphone working in this method is really a child’s play.

Just follow these steps:

Step 1:

Go to System -> Preferences -> Sound.

Step 2:

Click the Hardware tab and you will find the Sound driver to be installed and the selected to the default profile !

Now, we are going to change it to our needs.

Step 3:

Now, Go to Input tab and click Microphone 1 (if mic is connected to the jack 1 – Possibly at the back of CPU) or Microphone 2 (if mic is connected to the jack 2 – Possibly in front of CPU)

Ah, that’s simple and now your Microphone should work fine! Later, I found my mic to be automatically adjusting its volume level and goes down to Zero. 🙁

The fourth step is will resolve that problem.

Step 4:

Open Skype (Linux version 2.1 Beta) and follow the screen-shots below.

You must Unselect “Allow Skype to automatically adjust my mixer levels” by removing the tick mark option as below and click Apply followed by Exit.

Fortunately, the above method worked for me, hope it works great for you too. This is not only for Skype, but also for all the other IM Clients like Empathy, etc which needs a microphone.

Have you had this issue and did it work out for you? Have any alternatives? Do drop in your views through your comments.


sruthin July 20, 2010

great work…. but i wanted to know about connecting reliance net connect in ubuntu 10…..

Wes Weiss July 21, 2010

In step 3, I don’t have the Connector option O.o What should I do??

RQ July 21, 2010

This means there’s only one option.

PaulK August 13, 2010

Bingo! It worked for me. Thanks to you.

Jeyanthan August 14, 2010

Mention not 🙂

Scott September 30, 2010

Thank you so much! I finally got my mic working!

Jeyanthan October 1, 2010

Mention not . . 🙂

Nix November 9, 2010

Worked for me, when I selected microphone 2! Thanks

MD November 10, 2010

Did not work at all, however I can use sound recorder just fine…

Vipul JAin November 27, 2010

Do you have any solution for empathy on ubuntu10.1 echo sound during voice chat?

niyas March 28, 2013

i dont get the option of connecter in stage 3 pls help?????????