Today Apple’s iPod turns 10 [Video]

When Steve Jobs returned to Apple, it was a company whose computers were over-priced and it was having serious challenges in the computer making business. Apple today is synonymous with the term ‘Post PC Era’ simply because they have moved away from the being computer makers towards making gadgets like iPod, iPhone and iPad tablets. […]

Facebook status updates as a diary of your life [Video]

I had a crazy idea the other day. What if I went through all my Facebook status updates ever since the day I joined? Since I’ve been too lazy to maintain a diary, Facebook was probably the only way I could sit back and read about my journey through the past couple of years. Then my narcissistic mood went up a notch higher. How about I made a little film of these status updates? Wouldn’t that be something fun to share with my grandchildren one day? 😛

25 things that annoy you about Facebook [Video]

Facebook has been criticized lately for privacy concerns and some people even thought they should Quit Facebook. Well for all the criticism and some angry users, Facebook still has not really had a very bad fallout and pretty much is still growing and working on new ways to makes make money. Ofcourse just because we […]