Facebook status updates as a diary of your life [Video]

I had a crazy idea the other day. What if I went through all my Facebook status updates ever since the day I joined? Since I’ve been too lazy to actually keep up a diary, Facebook was probably the only way I could sit back and read about my journey through the past couple of years.

Then my narcissistic mood went up a notch higher. How about I made a little film of these status updates? Wouldn’t that be something fun to share with my grandchildren one day? 😛

A film about my status updates!

Status updates over time show trends about you and your friends, things you’ve gone through and much more. Interests like movies, music or ‘likes’ can also give you a glimpse of one’s general philosophy in life.

My status updates showed me my obsession – my dog. My friends had warned me that its crossing the limit but I never really got that till I actually sat to make this little film :P. May be if you try to narrow down your updates, you will find out your obsession as well.

Try looking up your status updates and get more information about yourself like your relationship status over past months, crazy predictions made by Facebook applications, etc. Let me know what you think about this idea through your comments.