Trim Your Stylesheet To Lose Some Weight [CSS Usage]

In one of my previous article “Remove all unused CSS selector” I wrote about how one can remove unused selector from his stylesheet using Dust-Me-Selectors, similarly I found an Addon which has few benefit over Dust me selectors. CSS Usage is a Mozilla extension which finds unused selectors and can be exported a new file.

Download All Images From Any Webpage With A Single Click [Firefox Extension – OutWit]

Web designers always come across websites from which he takes inspiration. We also like to take some images from the website often to create something new.

Downloading all images on a particular webpage can be quite tedious. This is where I find OutWit images a great add-on with my Firefox browser.

Find Font Details With Just A Single Click [Firefox Extension-Font Finder]

Usually what I do to find font details like font family, font size, its color etc I open Firebug(F12) and start inspecting with it but becomes a bit time consuming, what if we get something that provides font details at just a single click. It can be done with the help of Mozilla extension i.e. Font Finder which provides font details in a pop up window.

Coloreminder: Easy to use Color codes for web designers

When you are creating web pages even if you are an amateur remembering all those color names and their codes can be quite tedious. Obviously the more fuss you create over a background color on your page the more options you need to try out.
Coloreminder is a great online tool that allows you to check up a color codes and names.

Does Your Blog Appears Correctly In Every Browser?

There are some browsers which do not display your blog or site properly. Sometimes the font is wrong and we have other problems as HTML 5 is being used more often. You realistically cannot install every browser and check your blog on it. So I am going to tell you a website where you will […]

Scan CSS properties on any website with Chrome

A blogger starts usually with an idea he or she wants to share with others. Some of us end up writing on a Blogger platform and get wiser and migrate to WordPress. Almost every professional blogger knows a bit of code or atleast some HTML basics. CSS is obviously the most important part of your […]

Speed up your CSS coding with CSS Generator

We have covered a few posts on CSS for developers. The last one I had written had information on how to create CSS borders without having coding knowledge. I came across this helpful website online which can help you use predefined CSS codes which with a User Interface which is simple and probably can speed […]