Give your suggestions and feedback about blogger in Google Moderator page.

Blogger has  launched a Template designer in Blogger drafts. Now they are accepting Blogger feature requests and feedback to improve blogger. I think Blogger is really worried about Bloger to WordPress migration and even our own Harsh and rtCamp together  have launched Blogger To WordPress Migration Professional Service which makes thing even hotter!! Here’s the screenshot […]

How to set up a .COM business without using a Credit Card?

Dot com business is a fast growing business in India. All you need a domain name and hosting space. Now a days, setting up professional website / blog is very cheap. It can be as low $6 / Rs. 300 (Free services can’t be as good as paid services). But all you need a credit card to perform this action (And most of the great common men don’t have it).

Browsershots – Online Web Design Testing in Different Browsers

This article is for web designers here. I recommend this articles to all bloggers as well. Many bloggers go for free third-party themes which may not follow standards all the time, so you can check if theme you are using is working fine in all major browsers. Reason for highlighting major in above line is, […]