Showdown: Windows 8 Vs. OS X Mountain Lion

Microsoft is about to release Windows 8 for public – which is a change that not only affects the Windows OS, but literally every Microsoft product, i.e. it’s a full blown change for the company. On the other hand, Apple has lately introduced OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, attempting to add more iPhone-like features to […]

Download Complete Windows Essentials 2012 – Offline Installer

As you know, Windows Live Essentials is a pack of Windows apps which includes Mail, Photo Gallery, SkyDrive, Live Writer and many more. With Windows 8 release not so far away, Microsoft released the preview version of the updated Windows Live Essentials, which is now called ‘Windows Essentials 2012’ i.e. without the ‘Live’ branding. The […]

Microsoft’s “Metro” Style to be called “Windows 8 style UI”

Microsoft over the pass year or so has pushed it’s new design philosophy as “metro-style”. The new tile based design philosophy is used extensively in Windows 8 and even the recently unveiled email service called All of a sudden, Microsoft has been asking developers to avoid using the word metro in their apps. It […]

Do you Like Microsoft’s new logo for Windows 8?

Logos are probably the most important identity of a brand. That is why even when companies change their logo, they do not opt for a complete break from the past. As you might know the Microsoft is busy building Windows 8, which might show up on tablets, mobile phones and PCs later this year. Microsoft […]