Clean up Windows and free up disk space

Here is an application which helps you clean up your Windows Operation system and keep it in top shape. nCleaner is perfect if you want to customize things like advanced system and advanced application cleaning system. The nCleaner website makes claims that it end up tweaking and cleaning up to 2GB space on the hard […]

Use Aero with Windows Vista Home Basic

Almost everyone is aware of the Aero feature in Windows. You can use it with Windows Vista and Windows 7, but unfortunately this is not available with the Home Basic version of Vista and Windows 7. There are many manual hacks available for making tweaks to make Aero available. I came across this software Aero […]

Application to repair and fix Windows registry

A lot of minor issues are faced regularly by Windows users. Most times these errors can be settled by making some changes in the windows registry. FixWin v 1.0 is a free portable application which fixes and repairs known windows issues. FixWin works on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Once you run the application it […]

Enable Hibernate Option on Windows Vista

I am writing about this because I recently faced this problem and was not able to find anything on the internet which is needed to solve this problem. For some vista users the “hibernate” option disappears mysteriously. There are 2 reasons for this: That you may have less free disk space needed to store the hibernation file […]

PC manufactures participating in free windows 7 upgrade

Want to buy a new PC and waiting for the launch of Windows 7? Don’t wait just go and buy one now, as Microsoft in association with some of the world’s best PC manufacturers is offering a free upgrade to Windows 7. Check out the list of PC manufacturers that are offering a free upgrade […]