Add Custom Headers to your plugins

Matt Mullenweg announced few days ago that, plugin authors will be able to put custom headers on their plugin pages. Soon the geeks across the globe got started with designing and customizing their header images. Developers are happy as they have got an opportunity for a little branding. Our creative heads from rtCamp too got […]

How to Embed Tweets on Self-Hosted WordPress

Twitter plays a big part in promoting content on a blog. Almost every blog has a retweet button to share the post on Twitter directly from blog itself. Another way is to embed the complete tweet inside a post, so the reader can retweet, reply or even favorite a particular tweet from the post itself […]

Make comment interaction easy with My Comments Manager WordPress Plugin

The best way one can get motivated in blogging is by getting appreciation through comments. Good comments and feedbacks always provide a positive energy to work better. But to get visitors commenting on your blog, you need to be interactive with your readers like ask questions and start communicating with them. There are chances that […]

5 Plugins to Protect WordPress

Anything can happen at any time with your WordPress blog. Many bloggers are already prepared for such misfortune but still many do not. Especially when your blog is at high level with high traffics and popularity, the hackers look forward to hacking your website. Sometimes you may face serious problems such as massive flood of […]

Overview of WordPress Plugin Series

This is last post in my first wordpress plugin series. Rather than making your list larger by suggesting more plugins, in this post I will write summary of things which changed after this series experiment. First and most important, now this blog allows its commentators to edit their comments as suggested by Johnson & other […]

6 WordPress Plugins for Easier Administration and Maintenance

Today I am listing wordpress plugins for easier administration and maintenance. Main goal is to automate tasks like database backup, upgrading, etc. 1. Database Backup Plugin This is most important plugin you must use. It performs complete wordpress database backup and optionally send it to email address given, on daily or weekly basis. Technically if […]