6 WordPress Plugins for Better Navigation and User Experience

This post may seem little late in this wordpress plugins series. But if you remember we already discussed some best comment plugins, and if you really care about your users then you should check them out first. Listed below are plugins, which will improve your blogs navigation and thus will result in higher page-views. 1. […]

8 WordPress Plugins for Feed Subscribers

Today in our wordpress plugin series, we will explore plugins related to feeds. Feed is the reason, I love blogs over static websites. If you are seriously into blogging, then one thing which matters most is feed readers. Many bloggers, including me, display their FeedBurner subscribers count proudly at prominent places on their site. So […]

4 WordPress Plugins for Better SEO and Permalink Structure

Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is one of the hottest topic on web. There are thousands of spam sites/books dedicated on this topic to just mint your money. They do well because of one reason – everybody want traffic for their site, but nobody want to work hard for that! So let me make this clear right […]

5 WordPress Plugins for Social Bookmarking/Networking

Today I will post about plugins which will help your blog spread via social networking/bookmarking services. I personally think socializing aspect is more important than direct SEO, which I will discuss in tomorrows post. Social plugins allow your blog visitor to spread a word about your blog posts. As this is what they say mouth-to-mouth […]

5 Essential WordPress Comment Plugins

After going through wordpress plugin basics and plugins which help you uploading/managing other plugins, its time to move to something really important. I don’t know what is your priority but as a blogger I care most about my readers. Its more important than SEO or other traffic tactics to me which I will discuss in […]

2 WordPress Plugins to Make FTP Clients Obsolete

As I promised yesterday, in today’s post I will explore few wordpress plugins which will make uploading/managing other plugins/themes easier. Using these plugins will make FTP clients useless as far as wordpress is concerned. Again as with all popular demand, there are many plugins which can do this FTP thing for you but I like […]

Introduction – WordPress Plugins

This is my first post in first series about wordpress plugins. In this post I am covering few things to remember while using wordpress plugins and different ways to upload a wordpress plugin. Actual plugin listing will start from tomorrow. Some things to remember about wordpress plugins… Best thing about wordpress is, power it offers […]