Yahoo shuts down MyBlogLog – What is next in line?

MyBlogLog is a popular service among bloggers. It served mainly as a social network for bloggers. This probably made it very exclusive and quite active.  It had 45,000 blogs subscribing to it and in 2007 catastrophe struck. No, it did not shut down but was bought by Yahoo for about $10 million. Sure enough, Yahoo […]

How Yahoo’s Empire Crashed From $100 billion to $22 billion!

There is a popular saying that ‘Rome was not built-in a day’. Yes, the Roman empire took hundreds of years to reach its pinnacle and eventually took a couple of centuries to be completely ruined. Throughout history we have seen large empires being brought down by the heady cocktail of lack of clarity from leaders, […]

Open Letter to Google: Please Buy Delicious from Yahoo!

Dear Google, There are many geeks around the world and one thing almost every geek has is an active Delicious account to mark up his favourite webpages. Yes, it is the only online service which is owned by Yahoo and a tech lover actually cares about. Not to forget your own Google Bookmarks is not […]

Yahoo: Delicious not to be closed but up for sale

There has been many talks going on about Delicious being removed or closed by Yahoo!. It has just been disclosed by Yahoo! that they are selling Delicious to some other company but not closing it down.

In their blog they had mentioned that Yahoo will not shut down Delicious they just want a new home for it. That means they are going to sell it. According to the blog they said

Yahoo Cooking Up a Delicious Demise?

Delicious is a popular social bookmarking site started in 2003 and acquired by Yahoo! in 2005.

The spotlight center focus dawned on Yahoo! after the series of layoffs couple of days back. About 650 to 700 employees are rumored to have lost their jobs, primarily from the product department headed by Blake Irwing. Most of the layoffs clashed with the team coordinating with Delicious. Followed by the screenshot revealing the plans to cut off on Delicious.

[How to] Use Yahoo emoticons on Facebook

I have always felt jealous by the Yahoo emoticon’s look and feel and the way there are more options there. Have you ever tried to update your Facebook status or send a emoticon to someone on their wall? It appears as a simple text smiley. Well now you can get your favorite emoticons on Facebook. You just need to install this Greasemonkey script and see the magic happen. 😉