Best way to Move from Delicious To Google Bookmarks

Delicious-App is the best way to move from Delicious to Google bookmarks, which includes converting all Delicious tags into labels for Google Bookmarks

Delicious_google_bookmarksWhen news came our that Yahoo was planning to close Delicious, many people like me must have panicked. Then came the news that Yahoo will not shut down Delicious but sell it. I even wrote an open letter to Google suggesting they should buy Delicious. Google Bookmarks is not really setting the world on fire, but if Delicious did close down, then I would be tempted to move all my bookmarks to Google Bookmarks.

Delicious-export is a nifty tool that allows you to move your bookmarks from Delicious to Google.

Initially I looked up the export facility with Delciious and then the file to Google. I found this a little complicated. Delicious –export is a web app that makes life a lot easier.

Delicious Export App Features

  • The login facility is available for both Yahoo users and also old Delicious account users.
  • The bookmarks are moved quite fast. I also had the option of selecting or deselecting certain bookmarks while moving the bookmarks to Google.
  • A really good feature was that all the tags from delicious bookmarks were converted to Labels for Google Bookmarks. This is really handy.

So just in case you suffer from a lack of confidence on Yahoo and it’s designs for Delicious bookmarking service, this web app is a great way to backup all these bookmarks to Google.

Link: Delicious Export