Easily Create Decent HTML Email Signatures with WiseStamp!

Since more than six months I was curious to know about how can I embed HTML signatures so that I can show off my presence in social networking sites to whoever I send mails to. This is just a geeky way, I wanted to show off among my friends, relatives and clients. But I prevented […]

Answer.Im: Answering Machine for your Instant Messengers!

If you are fascinated a lot about staying online on Instant Messengers (Yahoo messenger, Gtalk, MSN messenger, etc)for almost 24 hours a day, but cannot do so because of time constraint, then Answer.Im is in your rescue. It will set your status as ‘online’ for 24 hours a day (of course if you want) and […]

Multiple Yahoo Messenger Hack – Using Many Yahoo Accounts at once!

Long time back I published a simple hack using which you can run multiple Google Talk at once. Now thanks to Ankit, we have a way to run multiple Yahoo messenger at once. Check following screenshot where me and my friend Sameer signed into our (different) yahoo accounts at the same time! # How-To Go […]

Check Who is Invisible/Online on Yahoo Messenger!

One of my Orkut friend Niharika Arora asked me on Orkut how to check if a person is online on yahoo messenger? I googled for sometime and here are my tested results… First let me tell you coolest thing about hacks in this tutorial. They do not require a targeted yahoo user to be on […]

Alert: Yahoo Fake Login Screen is on Yahoo’s Geocities itself!

Few days back, I got a mail from one of my friend saying her yahoo account has been hacked! The Chinese attacker accomplished this by creating a fake-login screen! Actually there is more victims to this yahoo fake-login screen. While this type of attack isn’t new, what makes people vulnerable as this one is uploaded […]