Easily Create Decent HTML Email Signatures with WiseStamp!

Since more than six months I was curious to know about how can I embed HTML signatures so that I can show off my presence in social networking sites to whoever I send mails to. This is just a geeky way, I wanted to show off among my friends, relatives and clients. But I prevented using a third party script or add-on for HTML Email signatures, because all of them I found earlier were not as good as WiseStamp.

WiseStamp is a firefox add-on using which, you can easily create HTML signatures for any mail program including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, AOL Mail, etc. Image below is a sample of my Email signature, similarly, if you too want, you can create one such signature, easily using WiseStamp.


Installing & Using WiseStamp

  1. As this is a Firefox add-on, you can use it only if you have firefox installed on your PC. If you have not yet installed firefox then its available for download here.
  2. Install WiseStamp add-on from this page.
  3. After installing, restart your browser and go to Tools-> WiseStamp and customize your signature from the page that appears.

WiseStamp Features

  • Personally designed signatures
  • Easy setup and configuration interface
  • Use multiple email signatures (Business and Personal)
  • Signature Rich Text editor (WYSIWYG Editor-choose color and font)
  • Add your logo or image to your signature
  • Automatically insert your signature to your webmail services
  • Supports to all webmail functions- Compose Mail, Reply, and Forward
  • Easily Include all your IM (Instant messaging) ID’s + icons
  • Easily link to all of your social services-links & Profiles + icons
  • Manually add your signature at mouse cursor location
  • preview while editing Signature
  • Simple control- switch signature on/off
  • Support for special characters
  • Works with Gmail, Google App’s, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL and more

Thanks Dnyanesh for the tip. 🙂

Link: WiseStamp (Download)| Firefox (Download)

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Albert March 3, 2009

@Deepak Jain : 2 months before I’m used this plugin. very easy formatting features. But it is not portable. It means, in every PC we have to install this Firefox Plugin and restart the browser :)…

Bapun March 14, 2009

@ Albert : Yup, Firefox needs to get restarted after plugin installation process. This is damn annoying 🙁

Gautam March 17, 2009

Firefox needs to be restarted so that the plugin effects can take place completely. (Its recommended and you will understand this if you develop programs, there also you might need the windows to restart after installation so that the software can come in its full form)

Harsh Agrawal September 27, 2009

I use Wisestamp and must say its too cool.. Other way to do the same thing is by using a greasemonkey script…