Comments Policy!

This documents covers comments policy applicable to comments posted at Devils Workshop and its partner sites.

In order to maintain quality of this blog we work really hard. This policy will just help us serve you better…


#1. We love comments…

As many other fellow bloggers we love comments. Just for your ease of commenting…

  • We don’t ask you to register before you comment
  • We don’t use any image verification or any other CAPTCHA method. We simply don’t like to bug you…
  • We do provide email follows-ups of comments by default so you can get all answers/follow-ups right in your inbox
  • We do not remove HTML or links from comments as long as they are relevant and add something to conversation.

Isn’t this nice! πŸ™‚


#2. We hate spam…

Here how do we fight against spam

  • First all comments are subjected to moderation!
  • Next we have Akismet installed which takes care of almost all spam.
  • If anything slips from Akismet we take care of it manually


#3. Why do we moderate?

  • To remove comments which are off-topic, contains abusive language, personal attacks, etc.
  • To avoid duplicate comments. e.g. asking question already answered in post and/or any comment on same post
  • To remove unnecessary comments. e.g. we do publish bug which get rectified over the time. In such cases, we mark post as outdated so comments like "not working" or "broken hack" will be removed while moderating.

Note that we believe in freedom of speech so we respect the fact that your views may conflict with the author of the post on certain issues. You have all right to express your view but do it politely.

Any abuse will not be tolerated.


#4. We do edit comments…

  • for typo errors
  • to remove signatures if its too long and contains spam
  • to avoid long lines/links which may break theme of this blog

If comments published after editing is not acceptable to you, you can contact us to take it off immediately. Our contact form is here!


#5. A note about signature… (curtsey optiniche)

Adding a signature is completely optional. If you decide to include one, please keep it short (2 line maximum) and do not include a link to your website.

You are welcome to add your website’s link in the designated URL box just below your name and e-mail address and your name will automatically be hyperlinked.


Girl B. Average
Owner of Some Website
Please visit some time


Girl B. Average
Owner of Some Website


If anything needs to be changed or updated, please feel free to suggest.

Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚