[Summary] What’s new happening at Devils Workshop!

First this post doesn’t deal with technical stuff or any hack so if you are busy you can skip this!

Now first thanks 4 reading on… Seems you like our work! 🙂

So this post is to tell you things we have improved / newly added here at Devils Workshop in last few week. There are many things happening behind the scene here but I will brief about only those which can make any difference to you…


2 New RSS Feeds Added…

When I looked back I noticed that we have around 40% post about orkut only. Although the share of orkut here is going down as I personally moved to other geekish things than flirting with girls on orkut, I still love to code for orkut users as they are amongst first few people out there when I started this workshop.

So not to bore orkut fans here with my other geeky stuff and vice-versa we have added 2 new feeds here…

  1. RSS ONLY Orkut – This will contains everything related to orkut only
  2. RSS EXCEPT Orkut – This will have all posts other than Orkut

Those who like all stuff here can continue to use our old feed RSS which will coexist with these 2 new feeds.


Forum Started…

I like to respond personally to each and every query by mail but being a human (yep.. this Devil is human inside!) I have my limits. 🙁

So to deal with increasing volume of emails and to avoid answering same question again and again I have started a forum out here! I guess it will help all of us as we continue to grow as a community!

Link – Devils Workshop Forum


Some boring stuff…

We now added Terms of Service as well as comment policy to this blog. They are really short and simple!


Thats all! Thanks for your time. If you are still left with some free time then check out our popular posts list for some interesting stories! 😉