Track Your Computer Activity Using Twitter

There is no doubt that twitter is best social media service. More than that there is one more unique thing you can do with twitter and that is to track you computer when you are away.

track computer

Weird things can happen anytime to your computer when you are away from it. Especially when your friends, brother, sister  or any other family member who use your computers. They may use an important applications. So, here is interesting thing that you can do with your computer when you are away from it.

At this point you need to track your computer and check out what are happening to your computer. Yes, track your computer with two application TweetMyApps and TweetMyPC. Just create a new twitter account and make both application tweets for this new account automatically. Both application runs on system tray. You can do more tweak with both application. You can hide them from system tray using another cool tools called TrayIt. Doing this will show you are enough clever to track any activities of your friends and families.

Now the application start tweeting your computer usage along with the time. If you are unsure about any tweeted command then you can send a special tweet which lets TweetMyPC to take screenshot of your desktop. You can also shut down or lock your PC by sending their respective commands, thus having complete control over your system.

Using both TweetMyApps and TweetMyPC together can give you full control over your computer from virtually anywhere.


[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Anwar Hussain, alias Xphunt3r. Xphunt3r blogs about Internet, computer tips and tricks, WordPress, Blogspot, gadgets, news and events, software, games and more on his blog LogicClub.

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RAGHVAN October 20, 2009


Ankush Agarwal October 20, 2009

Very Useful Article but i get the following errors :

1) While trying to install TweetMyApps
the follwing erroe occured:
An error occurred trying to download ‘’.

2)While trying to configure TweetMyPC :
Failed to login with the values supplied.Please check your login details.

Can you please help.

Paritosh October 20, 2009

Agreeing with @Ankush. Besides the errors mentioned by him. There seems to be a problem using this application on windows 7. It crashes after showing the error no. 2 in above comment.

Nickson October 21, 2009

Nice article, thanks for sharing.

abhi October 22, 2009

thanks for such a great application.totally works for me.except that TweetMyPC 2.0 doesnt send me any replies/tweets to the command.
the command does get executed as supposed but doesnt reply. I am using win vista ultimate edition on pc and airtel connection on phone.Hoping that you will have a solution to the problem.

Allen June 28, 2010

@Ankush Agarwal I have the same problem for Number 2. I’ve restarted my computer, and tried different login details all fail.