Twitter UI on Follower and Following Pages gets better

clip_image002[7]Users will soon see a new interface on Twitter, with an upgraded design and added features! The update mainly centers on the “Following” and “Followers” links from the users Twitter home page. This means that when someone clicks to see lists of the people they follow or who follow them, they will see a lot more than just avatars and usernames.

Here is what pages contain:

  • Full names
  • Locations
  • Most recent tweets
  • A one-click follow button
  • Drop-down menu of social actions like:
    • @replies
    • Direct messages
    • Blocking
    • Mobile update subscription
  • A collapsed “List View” added to the traditional “Expanded View”

As per the Twitter blog post:

“When you click on the Following and Followers links from your Twitter home page, you’ll notice that we’ve upgraded the design of these pages and added features. Instead of a basic list, there are now actions you can perform that provide a better overall experience. For example, you can turn on SMS, unfollow, mention, block, direct message, and more. Tip: You can also view the accounts that someone else is following and follow them yourself.”

Hopefully the changes that have been rolled out will make it easier for people to work with their ‘follower’ and ‘following’ lists, which is directly from the web interface now. Check it out and share your feedback on what you think.

One Comment

Sachin July 2, 2009

I think one important activity on Twitter is RT (re-tweet) which is something that Twitter should think about introducing on the website…or else…people will continue using tools like tweetDeck etc.