Twitter updates its iPhone and Android apps with new Tweet composer

Twitter's mobile apps get an update showcasing a new simplified Tweet composer. The Android app now supports richer notifications and the iPhone app makes better use of horizontal space.

Twitter has just sent a minor update to both its iPhone and Android apps showcasing a new Tweet composer.

Twitter for iPhone

They have simplified the process of composing a tweet. For example, in the iPhone app, you just get three options – attach location, take a photo or choose a photo. You then get to choose filters for your photos and you’re done.

On iPhone, the Twitter app is much wider now, taking up full space. That can be a considerable improvement for readability. Also, the app notifies you when a friend of you joins Twitter (which is confirmed by checking contacts in your E-mail, I guess).

Notifications on Twitter for Android

On the other hand, Twitter for Android now takes full advantage of Android’s powerful notifications system and groups multiple notifications into one. You get to see user’s display picture in the notification itself and they are expandable too.

The folks at Twitter even made a vine post showing off how you can tweet in less than six seconds using the new mobile apps.

Both the app updates are available now. Go, update, and enjoy.

Link: Twitter for iPhone | for Android