Updated Facebook App for Android is Super Fast!

Facebook's updated Android app which is native and hence significantly faster. It includes new features that allow viewing images without leaving the news feed.

Using the Faceobook app on my Android phone has not been a great experience. All that changes today with new update for Facebook on Google Play. The new app basically has moved away from HTML5 and built a native one for the Android ecosystem. The result is a dramatic improvement in speed.

Back in August, Facebook had re-built their app on iOS platform. So this update for Android was expected for a long time.

Facebook App Android

Facebook App on Android: What got fixed?

  • Speed:¬†Earlier the android app was slow for browsing through the feed. The app would take many seconds to load up the initial screen, timline layout and notifications.
  • Photo Viewing: Previously when viewing photos, it would take us to the the albums of the photo section of the app. With the new update, photos can be viewed without leaving the news feed.

Upgrade or Download Facebook version 2.0 app for Android and drop in your views in your comments.

Link: Facebook on Google Play