Update Facebook status using Twitter [How-to]

Facebook and twitter shows great similarities among themselves. They are also the top social networking sites available on the web now. Most of the web entrepreneurs, bloggers, web users and all are using both these services for promotions or growing their community/ connections. May be due to these knowledge, they had come into an ally and they are allowing us to connect both of their services together. Due to this, we can enjoy both these services at the same desk easily. What we want to do is to add a tiny twitter application to our Facebook profile.

Let us see how we can integrate both these services, through this tutorial.

Steps :

  1. Sign in to your facebook account
  2. Go to the Twitter application and add the application to your Facebook profile and click the ‘allow’ option, in the window shown
  3. Enter your twitter User name and password and sign in to the twitter
  4. A new page will appear which shows where you can update your twitter status(1), your recent updates(2) and a button showing “allow twitter……”(3)
  5. Click on the “allow twitter to update facebook status” button
  6. A new window will come and select your account and allow the application
  7. It’s all done now.You can check it now.

So, now enjoy the power of both these services together.

Do let us know, do you update your Facebook status from Twitter? Or do you use any other technique to update your status from Twitter to Facebook?

One Comment

Cena May 24, 2010

I was using for quite some time, but then I switched over to Selective Tweets. This gives you more control over what you want to share on fb. To make any tweet your status on fb, you attach a hashtg ‘#fb’ at the end of the tweet. With the twitter app, fb was being flooded with updates & were all out of context…