W3C gives HTML 5 an official logo

When it comes to web development HTML 5 is the newest buzz word. It is also looking like something that will kill Flash over the years. World Wide Web consortium (W3C ) today unveiled a new logo for HTML 5.

The logo seems to portray solidity and trust with its colors and format.

The HTML 5 phenomenon has really caught the imagination of developers all over the world mainly because of its most ardent supporter. That supporter is called Google and Google is betting big on HTML 5.

This logo being displayed by websites and developer community in general will help HTML 5 become a standard that is quickly recognized.

W3C HTML Logo site is also distributing T-Shirts and free HTML 5 logo stickers.

What do you think of the HTML 5 logo? Do drop in your comments.

Link: W3C HTML 5 Logo


Nhoel January 19, 2011

wow, ill try to get the tshirt, wondering how much would it cost.

Aditya Kane January 19, 2011

it will be around $22.50 + taxes and delivery. Check this URL http://html5shirt.com/

marko January 23, 2011

good time and had a logo since HTML5 is very useful for web design and here to stay.

Aditya Kane January 23, 2011

I guess this is a novel way to increase the brand value and visibility of HTML 5.