Was Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook profile Hacked?

Later in the night yesterday some people saw weird updates on the Facebook's CEO profile. Do you think it was hacked?

Later in the night yesterday some people saw weird updates on the Facebook’s CEO profile. Well, TechCrunch reported about it followed with other blogs and many comments.

As you can see in the image above there were almost 1800+ comments and likes. People just jumped into comments and there was nothing that could stop them! 🙂

If the news is to be believed then it has been hacked. I wonder if Facebook security cannot afford to save their maker’s profile then what is the use ?Will it ever be able to save any other person’s profile?

On the other hand side, the original profile of Mark Zuckerberg is facebook.com/Zuck and this appears to be facebook.com/MarkZuckerberg which is  no longer available. (I tried to have a look at it) There can be many reasons, may be somebody just created a fake account and did all this just to create news or make it hype.

We don’t know the truth yet, but this surely has made news and many people will be afraid to have a Facebook profile now. 🙂 What do you think?

What is the truth according to you? Do drop in your comments.


Rabby Bhuiyan January 26, 2011

hahah…quite funny!

Himadri Dimri January 26, 2011

Yeah funny 😛

Uday January 27, 2011

Mark got ahead of himself. Overestimated facebook’s security. Had to happen one day.

Himadri Dimri January 27, 2011

Yes Uday may be!! 🙂