Watch what you put up as your status as it ends up on communities pages which are public

I wrote about a community pages and how they are owned by everyone. They are different from the other focused single owner Facebook pages which are all about creating a fan page or discussion group around your blog or website. Facebook has had a redesign and many people are complaining about the new privacy rules.

What you see above is a community page called “Listening” which is dynamically created and I could see posts by my friends on Facebook with the word ‘Listening”. The strange part is that I can also see global posts or status messages of people all around the world who have the word ‘Listening’ within the content.

I think a lot of people will not like their private status messages being available so randomly on public Facebook community pages. While something like this already exists with Twitter but then Twitter is a public forum strictly and not really a private forum. This makes a real mockery of controlling who can see your status updates.

What do you think? Is Facebook being fair about privacy?