What will Twitters redesign mean for its users?

A look at what will Twitter redesign mean to regular and new twitter users along with how will Apps based on Twitter be affected.

An exercise at redesign is a very tricky thing to do. You always end up with the risk of displeasing a certain section of loyalists who might prefer the older layout. Most redesigns are good when they serve a purpose and usually the purpose has to be based on future plans. So when Twitter introduced ReTweet on its layout, people did not like that it did not allow them to customized the ReTweet.

Initially not many used this feature but slowly I see a lot of people using the retweet feature from Twitter instead of the usual prefix of ‘RT @username’.

What has Twitter planned?

  • The new features will include showing Retweets, Mentions, Lists, Saved Searches above the timeline and not on the right.
  • On the right will be shown related information. Also it has tied up with Flickr, TwitPic, Vimeo, YouTube and Kiva which allows you to look up images and streaming videos on Twitter website.
  • I am guessing Twitter wants to make it’s website as user-friendly as possible without the need for any Twitter apps like hootsuite and Tweetdeck.

How will it affect the users?

I am not prolific on Twitter. My Twitter account ( @adityakane ) does not have thousands of followers and I do not follow hundreds of accounts either. I do share links, images, quote almost daily. Personally I use TweetDeck and sometimes HootSuite but that is mainly to schedule messages. I schedule tweets only when I have too many links to share on the same subject. I try to spread them across different days.

Mostly I use Twitter from its website and not a Desktop app. I do not have a smart phone so those apps are out of the question too. So I think if I can view videos and images shared on Twitter on the homepage itself I would be very happy.

New users on Twitter are notorious for not being retained. Some estimates I read were, that 40% new sign up do not stay on Twitter for more than a few days. That will change as all the things that you discovered over time will be laid out in front of you on Twitter.com

What happens to Twitter Apps?

This will be an interesting development. I think this will wipe out all Twitter desktop apps. Why would any user on Twitter will use TweetDeck or HootSuite if he/she can use Twitter.com website just as effectively.

This development might mean the end of Twitter Apps unless they come up with some radically new ways to use Twitter. 😉

Here is a video from Twitter about its new re-design.

So what do your think about Twitter’s new design changes? Will it wipe out Twitter Apps or will prolific Twitter users still stick to the apps. Do drop in your comments with views and opinions.

Link: New Twitter


Anshul September 15, 2010

I rarely use desktop client for twitter. Most of the time I log in directly to twitter website, or when at office, I use the Twitter plug-in for Outlook that lets me see my timeline and send a tweet through Outlook itself.

For those who use to schedule tweets for later, moving away from desktop clients like HootSuite will be tough. Or will the new twitter redesign include this functionality as well?

Aditya Kane September 16, 2010

I schedule tweets about 2-3 times in a week. So I might skip the whole scheduling part all together. But as of today I do not think Twitter wants to encourage scheduling. After all they are asking us to Tweet about whats happening and not what might happen. 😛

Sheetal September 16, 2010

yes.. scheduling is actually a bad idea. That would actually take people off twitter. They need to have something which will attract people .

Virtual Character September 17, 2010

Though I use the scheduling tweets sometimes so I can also share tweets to other people who are not in my time zone, I think it is also not good to add that to twitter. There will always be 3rd party apps that can do this.

Aditya Kane September 17, 2010

Yes there will be 3rd party apps which can be used for scheduling tweets. Just tried the new twitter and it is quite awesome. Newbies will love it.
Slightly off topic but would really appreciate you using your Name instead of a website name. Link to your website is always there if someone clicks on your name. 🙂