[Windows] Edit and Modify PDF Files with Nitro Reader

Now a days, it is quite easy to view PDF files within most updated browser. But that is not all there is to viewing a PDF – I like to use mark-up or comment on it, even extract images and text from a PDF file. For this I found PDF Nitro Reader very helpful.


  • Most times it is quite suitable to view PDF documents on a browser; but invariably PDFs are not just web articles and we need more options like highlighting important text or paragraphs along with inserting sticky notes.
  • Nitro PDF Reader allows editing the PDF document, along with the ability to extract images and text.
  • It also supports QuickSign for adding digital signatures on PDF documents.
  • The software is also compatible with most browsers.

Try out PDF Nitro Reader and drop in your comments.

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Link: Nitro PDF Viewer