Wolfram Alpha now shows what all Facebook knows about you

Wolfram|Alpha, the impressive computational engine now can tell a lot about you by collecting data from your Facebook account. If you’re an over-sharer, it can get a little creepy too!


All you need is a Wolfram account and a Facebook account (obviously) and you’re good to go. Login to your Wolfram account, authenticate the app through Facebook and type “facebook report” in search box. It’ll take a bit of time depending on how much of your data is stored on Facebook.

You’ll get to see a lot of information like your most popular status, number of likes/comments, most contacted friends, your post frequency etc.

If you’re feeling a bit privacy deprived, note that Wolfram|Alpha will only store the data for one hour, deleting it afterwards. Also, you can always revoke apps through Facebook app settings.

You can also download the page if you’ve subscribed to Wolfram|Alpha pro, which also unlocks a lot of features.

Link: Wolfram|Alpha

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