Apple Unveils iPhone 5: The Magic is Missing!

The big day finally arrived. The iPhone 5 was finally unveiled by Apple at an event in San Francisco, US. iPhone 5 has a lot of new hardware and some added features.

The iPhone 5 will in all probability, break all its previous sales records. It will increase the profits and revenues that are flowing into Apple. In a way the iPhone 5 is a safe bet.

iPhone 5 Features

Link: iPhone 5 Specs

Where is the magic?

People expected a phone that was taller and also slimmer. It was expected to have no NFC support and a slightly wider display screen. Apple did not disappoint and all rumours about the phone were indeed real. The only problem was there was nothing really surprising about iPhone 5. The changes to the phone were predictable.

Apple had this uncanny knack of focusing on the future. It bet on the iPhone, even at the risk of overshadowing it’s own successful iPod back in 2007. It did the same with iPad by reinventing a gadget which previously thought to be just a small niche product.

But today Apple is in a different place. It is now the world’s most valued company. It was the iPhone which made Apple all those billions in profits. It seems like Apple is scared to do anything radically different with it’s most popular product. It is now behaving like any other large technology company with a super-duper hit product or service.

It sort of reminds me of a Microsoft in the late 90s which was too scared to change things with Windows at its height or even a Nokia which refused to see the touch-interface as the future 5 years ago.

The magic that marks the difference between a good product and a compelling product is missing with the iPhone 5. That magic had a name and it was Steve Jobs.

What are your views on the iPhone 5?

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